We've all have heard the adage, "Do what you love and the money will follow." It's a great saying and I agree in the sense that if you are passionate about something you can usually turn that passion into profit, heck that's why I'm typing right now. However, the same can be said for doing what you HATE. Why? Because there are a lot of necessary job duties in any line of work that most people don't like doing. These things we hate doing can generate some of the most money for us. Here are just a few when it comes to insurance sales:

COLD CALLING. Is a good example. There's just about no other activity that insurance people hate more yet it can generate the most sales. New producers have nothing but time to make cold calls, but often choose not to. Experienced producers are busy often choose not to make the time to cold call. People are moving away from phones for communication, so be unique - go old school, pick up the phone and talk to someone! 

PUBLIC SPEAKING. Most people don't like public speaking. If you are an expert in your field and have a captive audience, speaking can bring fortune. Not only will you add value to the audience which can result in sales, but the ripples it can make in the form of referrals is unbelievable. If you are an insurance expert in a particular industry join their associations and work your way to being a presenter. They are always looking for good topics and professionals to present. 

FOLLOW UP. This topic is vital to the success of anyone in sales, especially in insurance sales. Producers don't like to follow up because of fear of rejection, fear of hassling or just because follow up gets boring. I'm sure you have seen the statics on the importance of follow up so I won't go into depth, but to be a professional salesperson you need to be a professional stalker. Follow up and the money will follow. 

If everyone got to do what they loved the world would crumble... We would have an abundance of crappy baseball players and two veterinarians for every dog. It just wouldn't make any sense; nothing would ever get done. You can love your job and still hate certain parts of it. One of the ways we can spend more time doing the things we love like visiting clients, talking with clients and working new opportunities is by getting the things we hate out of the way. Try starting your day doing the tough stuff so you can move on to what you want to do. Understanding the LOVE/HATE balance of your job and any job for that matter should help make doing the tough stuff easier.