Digital marketing is not easy. The amount of time required to blog, keep up with social media, network, and brand your agency or program is insane. It takes a dedicated person or team to tackle all or the challenges of digital marketing. Add this to the challenge of running an insurance agency and/or maintaining an existing book of business and you may find yourself out of time...

You should make time for digital marketing as it is time well spent. I know first hand the power and profit that a successful digital marketing campaign can offer. You need to either make the time to take on all the tasks or buy time by enlisting help. You may be excellent with social media, but not content creation. You may excel in branding, but not execution. Some people can be good at many things, but great in just one or two. If you have the luxury of working with a sales and service team to grow your program or brand, try to use everyone's unique talents to delegate tasks and dominate your market. Find out what they are great at and let them run with it. This is an investment in everyone's time, so be sure you know you have the right product and branding before putting in the work. 

If you don't have the luxury of extra time and talent, you need to buy time for digital marketing. Hiring out work is a tough pill to swallow, but likely necessary to get the results you want. Branding, search engine optimization, design, strategy and implementation all require tremendous amounts of time and talent. By using a professional, you can buy time to do the things you're great at to grow your agency. Interacting with prospects and clients is a top priority. Spend your time building relationships while the professional digital marketers bring new relationships. If you would like to talk about buying time, let us know! We can do what we do best which is ensuing that you have a steady flow of new customers coming in so you can keep doing what you do best - building relationships and selling insurance.