Being an insurance producer is hard... You have to have a full pipeline of prospects, manage existing clients and and keep up with ever changing products and carriers. Spending too much time on one means you're neglecting the others. When it comes to protecting your existing book of business, you should be a bit paranoid. It's better to error on the side of caution by assuming your account may be in jeopardy. You never know, your client could be solicited by another brokerage, may not be totally satisfied with your service, or just might want to check prices in the market. Producers can fall into the delusional trap, where you think everything is just fine.

You haven't called or talked to your customer all year, but expect them to take another 5% rate increase with a smile.

Then you get the account manager call or email that your client has requested LOSS RUNS!! All hands on deck, you go straight into damage control and try to get in front of your client to find out what's wrong and fix everything. Well, it might be too late at that point and you get close to losing a valuable customer. 

How can producers avoid this situation? I would suggest that you can avoid losing customers by being paranoid.

Act as if your client is shopping you before they do.

Stay in constant contact with them to be sure that they're happy. Tell them what's happening in the market so when and if there is an increase, they are somewhat prepared. Talk to your account manager well before renewal to get on the same marketing schedule and game plan. Hopefully your customers are super happy and have no intention of leaving you. However having that little paranoia that they might, will get you out of your complacency and delusion that everything is totally fine. 


It seems successful producers are always one step ahead of their clients. You should be able to get a sense of their overall satisfaction by the tone of their voice, tone of email, and the type of questions they are asking. Account managers are great, but they may not be as vested in retaining accounts as you are and may not pick up on some of the clues clients drop about looking to move. So be sure to regularly as your account manager(s) what's happening on your accounts that you should be aware of. They might think you're being paranoid, but better paranoid that lose business. 

Agree or disagree? Feel free to leave comments below and reach out if you want to talk about getting new customers. Afterall, it's our job to help find them, but your job to help keep them!